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5 Everyday Workout Essentials

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Essential Workout Gear

Whether you are a serious athlete, weekend warrior or you are just trying to maintain a basic level of fitness, there are a few essential items you need to keep in your gym bag!

  1. Foam roller – the foam roller has evolved into a true health essential! The first generation of foam rollers were bulky and didn’t really stand up to daily use. The newest generation of foam rollers have handles, are easy to pack in a bag for the gym or travel and are available with a variety of different surfaces. How do you even use a foam roller? They are great for rolling out sore muscles, preparing soft tissue for a workout (injury prevention!!), and self massage. I have very tight muscles around my right knee due to an old injury and arthritis and using the foam roller helps dramatically with the tightness and mobility. I have found that one with handles like the Thera-Band® Roller Massager+ gives me more control over where I apply pressure and how much pressure is applied.
  2. Yoga Blocks – whether you do yoga or not, yoga blocks are a great addition to any home workout or stretching session. The blocks allow you to get support at a higher level from the ground making your workout potentially safer. As I have gotten older, I have really lost a lot of my range of motion. My goal this year is to regain much of it and that involves a lot of stretching. The yoga blocks help me reach intermediate goals as I work to restore my functional flexibility.
  3. Yoga Mat – while a good yoga mat may not be an essential for some, I think it is – it is just a personal preference. I don’t like sitting and stretching on the carpet at home or in my hotel when I travel. A yoga mat does not take up much space and it really is more cushioned than the hard floor anyhow!
  4. Biofreeze – used by health professionals for years, Biofreeze is a topical pain reliever that is wonderful for aches and pain resulting from sore muscles, arthritis or everyday activity strain. It contains a combination of menthol (ah, icy cold!), arnica and aloe. Biofreeze is available as a gel, roll-on and even a spray so you can get the fastest relief possible.
  5. Therabands – these are my absolute favorite workout on the go! You can use Therabands for resistance training, stretching and rehab from injuries. Stand in the center of the band, grab an end with each hand and start with a few bicep curls! The number of exercises you can do with Therabands is endless!

If you are looking for some great home workout or workout on the go resources, check out Grokker – you can try yoga free with a no-obligation Two-Week Trial at today!

Or start with this month worth of mini-workouts I created for another website a few years ago.

Little Victories Workout

When you are done, treat yourself to my favorite post-workout smoothie. Have a great workout and let me know what your workout essentials are!

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