5 Steps to Smoother Feet

Complete Healthy Feet KitWhen the weather finally changed last week and got cold enough to turn on the furnace, the first thing I noticed was how dry my skin suddenly felt. So what’s a girl to do? Here are some of my favorite tips for keeping your feet feeling great during the winter months.

1. Stay hydrated. Up your intake of good old H2O and reduce your intake of dehydrating, caffeine-loaded soft drinks and coffee.

2. Soak. Soften dry skin and callouses by soaking feet in warm water.

3. Scrub. Use a gentle, but abrasive scrub to remove dead skin and reduce callouses. You can also use a pumice or Gilden Tree’s terracotta foot scrubber.

4. Moisturize. Get in the habit of putting on a thick moisturizer after showering but before you put on your socks. I tried out the Kiran Forest foot lotion from Gilden Tree. The moisturizer is very rich, smells great and my feet were so smooth by morning.

5. Protect. After massaging a nice moisturizer into your feet, pull on some snuggly socks to keep the moisture in.

With just a few steps and minutes a day, you can keep your feet soft and smooth all winter long.

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