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8 Eco Friendly Lunch Storage Solutions


Eco Friendly Lunch Solutions for Kids



As my kids prepare to go back to school, the big discussion in this house is not whether to pack or buy lunch – that is clearly a pack – but whether to use disposable or eco-friendly lunch storage solutions.

My daughters are really great about taking their lunch in various containers from stainless steel containers to funky bento boxes. They love the variety and have no problem remembering to bring everything home and then even get it in the sink to be washed. My son, on the other hand, just can not be bothered. He wants his lunch packed in a brown paper sack so he can just toss it in the trash as he leaves the cafeteria! UGH!!

So as I prepare for my crew to go back to school, I have taken inventory of the containers that survived the entire school year and what needs to be replaced. I checked my favorite store for all things gluten free, eco-friendly, healthy and different – Abe’s Market – and here are some of my favorite eco-friendly lunch storage solutions (as pictured above roughly right to left):

1. Reusable Food Pouch Large 4 Pack

2. Reusable Washable Snack Bag, Funky Monkey Remix

3. Three-in-One Eco Lunchbox (3 Piece Stainless Steel Food Container)

4. Duo Stainless Steel Food Container, Pink

5. Dips Stainless Steel Condiment Containers, Set of 3

6. Lunchbox Set Medium

7. Stainless Steel ECOlunchtrays (Set of 4)

8. Reusable Snack Sack Cherry Sprigs

So, do your kids use eco-friendly food storage containers on a regular basis? Any tips for converting my son from the paper bag without losing all my good containers?


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