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A Must Read Article for Kids About Social Networking

Keeping kids safe online

Do you have kids? Chances are if you are reading my site you do and chances are, your kids are online – networking with their friends and people with the same interests as they have. And chances are, you have gone over the rules of being online with your kids already, but a good friend of mine published an article today that is so powerful that I consider it a MUST READ.

Go read: Getting Blunt – 16 Things Kids Should Know About Social Networking

And then let me know what you think. I know that all three of my kids will be reading this tonight as part of their homework.

Do you check your kids’ text messages and monitor what they do online? If not, you should. My kids know I check on them. 99% of the time I find myself yawning at the level of ho-hum that I find. That’s good. I let them know that they are making good decisions and that by continuing to make good decisions helps build my trust.

I did check on one of the “friends” my son had friended on Facebook a few weeks ago. It was a school mate and she had listed as her interests – partying and drinking. Really? That’s the best you can do? Anyhow, I asked my son if he knew who she was and if he could pick her out in a crowd. He said she was a girl from school but he didn’t really know her. When I pointed out her interests he quickly said, “I’m in the middle of a game, can you just log into my account and delete her?” Good choice. At which point we revisited the rules of Facebook and went on with our day.

Technology is a wonderful tool and a great way to stay connected, but it is also a tool that we have to regulate, too! Get involved and teach your kids how to stay safe online!

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One Response to A Must Read Article for Kids About Social Networking

  1. Deb Ng says:

    Thanks, Char.

    My sister in law doesn’t monitor my son’s Facebook because she says she respects his privacy. Except he writes about cutting class and curses a lot. Plus he has over 1,000 friends. Does he really know who he’s talking to or who has access to his stuff? It’s one thing to allow kids to have their space, it’s a whole other story to turn a blind eye to their social networking habits.