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Aqua Dots Recalled – Strike Another One Off The List

Aqua DotsLike millions of other parents, I am really beginning to dread this holiday season! Not only do I have to collect gift ideas from my kids, but I have to run every option through a safety or recall list before purchasing. Case in point, Aqua Dots.

My girls are into their crafty stage and when a recent toy catalog showed up, both of them circled Aqua Dots as something they would like to receive. And then there was the news about Aqua Dots yesterday. Apparently, the chemical that AquaDots are sprayed with to make them “do their thing” converts into the rape date drug GHB (gamma-hydroxy butyrate) when ingested. It can cause vomiting, loss of consciousness, and coma.

Add the Aqua Dots recall to the ever-growing list of toys imported from China that have been recalled, and it really makes you think. Who is policing these companies? What companies can you trust to produce quality products for your family?

Here is a complete list of toy recalls directly from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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11 Responses to Aqua Dots Recalled – Strike Another One Off The List

  1. ridgerunnersp says:

    So just how dumb are kids nowadays? Reading that article on CNN it said that a 10-year old girl was sent to the hospital for swallowing these things. What is a ten y.o. doing sticking plastic down their throat. There have been so many recalls for these kinds of things in the past year but it really all comes down to irresponsible parenting, for the most part. Example: aqua beads. If your child is too stupid to not realize that they need to keep plastic out of their throats by the time they are in 5th grade!!! then you are not doing your job. And if tiny plastic beads are falling into the hands of children of the age that might mouth them, then you aren’t paying enough damn attention. Toys are not so much less safe then they were 10 or 15 years ago. People are less safe and less intelligent.

  2. Well… after that last one, perhaps you could use another opinion?

    Not generally a conspiracy theorist myself, still you have to wonder if some of these things are made fully knowing the potential consequences. I mean, the chemical finds you mention are pretty well known.

    Sure is easy to believe SOMEone knew of the possibilities.

    It would certainly make me question EVERYTHING from China! This and other incidents are starting to add up.

  3. Katelyn says:

    You know, we just threw a little Aqua Dots starter kit out yesterday because it was too frustrating for the kids to use. Then today we saw this recall and were glad we did.
    ridgerunnersp – Yes, parents should keep their kids safe, but kids do things parents wouldn’t dream they would do and it isn’t always because they aren’t intelligent. Maybe the girl had some kind of deficiency. I’ve heard of people ingesting some really weird stuff because they needed a good vitamin supplement and they were trying to meet a craving for it.

  4. CubsWin says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. It really is shocking that a product that was on Wal-Mart’s list of 12 safe Chinese toys is being recalled for having the same chemical that is in date rape drugs.

    Wal-Mart’s the No. 1 importer of Chinese goods to the U.S., so you gotta wonder what other kind of dangerous items are on their shelves. I mean, c’mon, if a toy that was on their safe list has a date rape chemical, then what does that say about their other products?

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  7. dolphintears says:

    in response to ridgerunnerssp…….umm what about children who have autism, downs syndrome, different forms of mental retardation and different neurological and or mental problems, developmental delays?? either youre not a parent or you just cant see kids who arent average? something really needs to be done about all of these products making it through the gates from china, killing our pets and now people?? its nuts

  8. totally-fed-up says:

    I firmly believe there is absolutely no regulation or supervision by these toy companies. They are not proactive..they are reactive. There have been so many toy recalls now they don’t even apologize anymore.

    Stop buying this imported crap..send a loud message to the toy manufacturers this Xmas.

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