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Bento Lunches – Creative Lunch Box Love

I have a very creative friend named Beth Savage who makes her son the most adorable bento lunches and as we look at going back to school one of the things I dread most is packing lunches. After seeing what Beth does, I realized I have been packing my kids lunches all wrong. Who knew lunches could be this fun?

Turtle Bento

I had to ask Beth how she came up with these ideas and here is what she shared with me.

Karen: Where did you get the idea to make these very creative lunches?

Beth: Mostly online. I remember when we switched daycares and I was told I would have to pack a lunch. Yikes! I of course turned to the internet (it solves all my problems! haha). I saw the idea of a “bento box” – it’s from the Japanese’s culture.  Google “bento” or search Flickr for “bento” and look at some of the pictures. They are amazing!

I also liked the idea that there is no waste. No plastic baggies, or wrappers etc. – I found it was also easier for my son to get to his lunch himself without having to rely on busy teachers to open things for him. There are MILLIONS of ideas online. I get most from a collection of websites. Google: “Bento for kids”

Owl themed bento lunch for kids

Karen: What was the initial investment you made on containers, reusable muffin liners, food writing pens and cookie cutters?

Beth: I don’t recall the initial investment. It was gradual. The first thing I bought was the containers – EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers (Set of 4)– I then found the silicone muffin cups at a store called “Nood” – the ones at Michael’s are crazy expensive and are pastel colours (kinda girly). You can generally find them at any baking store. I got a huge bin of 101 cookie cutters from Michaels with one of their 40% off coupons which made it pretty cheap.   I bought fun ice packs at Save On for a dollar (the 2010 Olympic ones). The icing eyes are the only ongoing investment; also bought at Michaels and I always try to use a coupon. Oh, and the markers – they were pricey, but with the coupon it was ok. Again, I did NOT buy all this stuff at once. It was very gradual.

Bumble bee themed bento lunch

So overall… maybe $60 for all the supplies…give or take. Then over time you get an eye for stuff at the dollar store for things that could work. I also love

Dinosaur bento for kids lunch

Karen: How much planning do you put into your lunches?

Beth: Not much! I generally don’t think about it until I am doing it. I plan what groceries to buy for the lunch, but that isn’t any different from “regular” lunch packers. I put more thought into it is when it’s a holiday or a birthday or any special day, then I try to make the lunch reflect that day. TIP: go to Michael’s AFTER a holiday to get good discount on cookie cutters, picks, etc. then you have a stock for next year.

Bento lunch candy cane snowman

Karen: What tips do you have for others starting out?

Beth: HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about an “initial investment” – you can invest a lot or nothing, just be creative and use when you have. The dollar store has cookie cutters, fun containers, even cute shaped silicone mini bread loaf pans and lots of stuff to get you started!

Alligator themed bento for kids

I can not wait to make lunches this school year! I have gone through my cookie cutters, reusable muffin liners and need to pick up only a few items to get started.

I hope these ideas inspire you to re think your child’s school lunches as it did for me. I would like to thank Beth Savage for sharing with me her ideas and photos!

What goes into a bento lunch for kids? Easy to eat finger foods like mini-sandwiches, pre-cooked pasta, veggies, fruit, and other treats work best. If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out these resources:

By Karen Owen of KarenMomofThree’sCraftBlog

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4 Responses to Bento Lunches – Creative Lunch Box Love

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  2. Kelly says:

    HI. Can you recommend a lunch box to go along with these bento containers? Also, do you hand wash or put them in the dishwasher? Thank you so much for this posting!! I am so excited for the first day of school!

  3. Beth says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I use the lunch bag they sell with the containers. There’s room in the bag to hold the container as well as a drink and thermos if needed. They are really roomy and also safe to throw in the washer when needed.

    The containers are dishwasher safe! YAY! Top and bottom rack, too. 🙂

  4. Milissa says:

    Hello, I just came across your site. It is wonderful. Thanks for all the great example pictures.

    I just packed my first Bento snack last night. Do you find the food spills? I have a kindergartener. Even though I will pack his lunch to sit up right I know his back is tossed around during his morning commute to school.

    Do you add any additional stabilizers? I was thinking about a couple of napkins on top before the lid goes on. Thanks again.