Blog Action Day: Going Green with the Kids

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog Action Day and more than 15,000 blogs will share ideas, solutions, tips, advice, and stories about environmental awareness with an audience of more than 12 million readers world wide.

Since children are our future, how can we educate and spark their interests in their environment? After all, these are the minds that will have some of the hardest solutions to come up with in the near future as more and more of our natural resources are used up.

The number 1 way to educate and inspire kids is by setting an example ourselves. By making conservation and environmental issues part of our daily lives, kids will naturally learn. However, there are plenty of great resources on the web to help make this process even more fun!

  • Going Green: A Kid’s Handbook to Saving the PlanetGoing Green: A Kid’s Handbook to Saving the Planet – Geared towards kids in grades 4-8, it is a guide to saving the environment, including explanations of ecological issues and projects.
  • Go Green with your Kids – a guide to incorporating green habits for each stage of childhood
  • Teaching Kids to Go Green – How about Green Schools? Here’s another one on environmentally friendly schools.
  • EarthdayNetwork has a very colorful interactive site for helping kids calculate their ecological footprint with Bobby Bigfoot.
  • The EPA has a kids club web site with information and activities on a full range of topics. Visit the EPA Air Now site for kids activities on air quality. Or visit another part of their site to learn about household chemicals.
  • The American Museum of Natural History features Ology – a kid friendly trek into biodiversity – way cool!
  • EcoKids is another site full of games, activities, homework helpers, and ideas for getting kids involved in their environment.
  • Save the oceans with the National Resource Defense Councils Make Waves site – plenty of kid friendly fun.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a site called EEK – environmental education for kids – another fun, interactive, educational site.
  • The Department of Energy has teamed up with Disney and their movie Ratatouille on their kids page about energy conservation.
  • features animated videos on a variety of topics from air quality to the oceans and everything in between. It is a subscription site, but my  kids have been using it in school and love it!! Perfect for homeschoolers.
  • The National Wildlife Federation has a variety of eco-friendly magazines for kids of all ages – Ranger Rick and Your Big Back Yard are the most popular.
  • NIEHS has coloring pages, games, activities, jokes, and stories for helping kids get the message about the environment.
  • How about an Earth Day word search, coloring page, and more Earth Day activities at Printables4Kids?
  • Family Fun has crafts, projects, printables, makeables and more on a variety of eco-friendly topics.
  • William the Garbage Truck is a friendly new book aimed at getting younger kids interested in their environment.

There are so many other ways to get kids involved, but setting the example yourselves and being involved with your kids are the two easiest!

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  1. Wow, what a great list.

    I find that children are very receptive to green thinking – and are great at nagging the grownups to do their part!

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