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Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa for Wii

Our family loved the first Madagascar movie so much when the second one, Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa came out, it was put on the must see list. I took the girls to see it yesterday and while it was   Read More »

Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

My kids are looking forward to Thanksgiving but more because they get 5 days off school and they get to see their cousins than anything else. I’m sure I will hear the words, “I’m bored” more than once in the   Read More »

8 Games to Boost Your Brain Power

Use it or lose it is a saying that applies to so many aspects of life, but definitely brain power. If you want to stay sharp and ward off dementia in your older years, one of the best ways to   Read More »

Time for a TV Free Week

My family and I going to go TV free this week! Care to join us? I think it is time for my kids to have a Disney Channel Detox and reconnect with their toys, the fresh air and find their   Read More »

The Science of Cooking Website – Fun for Everyone

My 9 year old daughter loves to cook – and she loves to read about cooking. I discovered the coolest website that takes a look at the science of cooking in a fresh, interactive, and fun way – perfect for   Read More »

Sick Day Sanity Savers

My daughter is home from school sick for the second day in a row. UGH. Today she is definitely feeling better, but she was still running a 100.6 fever last night so I am keeping her home again as a   Read More »

Join Me On The Virtual Walk For The Gal To Gal Foundation

Stretch out those fingers and get ready for the Gal to Gal Foundation’s Virtual Walk for Stage IV Breast Cancer Patients. Beginning October 1, 2007, you can log on to and design your own gal then have her join   Read More »

Free Activity Books from the National Eye Institute is one of the best resource sites for Mom’s ever! There is always something new and always the best that the web has to offer. Anyhow, they have found another new freebie that I think you will like! The   Read More »