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Sugar Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free – Who Me? OH YES!

10 Day Detox Diet

Apologies for the crazy title – but I can not believe that in a span of 15 days I have gone from craving carbs, sugar, and covering everything with cheese to some one who is very happily eating sugar-free, grain-free   Read More »

Printable – Hooray for Little Victories Workout

30 day beginner workout

Earlier this fall I had surgery on my foot and have not been able to do my normal walking routine. As a result I have gotten quite frustrated and feel out of shape! I saw someone post a neat workout   Read More »

Wordless Wednesday – Race Day Nails

I finished my second 5K for the year and my daughter painted my nails special for the event. Like the white paw print for the SPCA? Cute. I have been running (very slowly) for just over a year now and   Read More »

High Blood Pressure – I am One in Three

Did you know that high blood pressure afflicts 74 million adults (or nearly one in three) in the U.S.? I am one of those three. Yesterday I went to the doctor’s for a routine physical. After the dreaded weight and   Read More »