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Warby Parker – Making Prescription Eyewear More Affordable

I have been putting off something very important for about a year now. Going to get my eyeglasses prescription checked. Why? Because I know it needs to be updated, but the cost of getting new glasses terrifies me and since   Read More »

Sore Throat or Strep – How Can You Tell Which is Which

Kids are so predictable – well, at least my kids are -they each have their own unique behavior patterns that tip me off to how they are feeling or what is ailing them. My twelve year old daughter woke up   Read More »

The Difference Between Swimmers Ear and an Ear Infection

The other day when I went to pick my daughters up from swim practice, my 10 year old was perched on the edge of the pool while her friends were still swimming. I asked her coach what was up and   Read More »

The Phantom UTI

This summer my daughter had a urinary tract infection that became so bad, she ended up with a kidney infection and hospitalized for most of a week. When the UTI first appeared, I didn’t realize it what it was. I   Read More »

It’s Just a Virus

It’s just a virus. Those have to be the four most frustrating words a parent can hear at the doctor’s office. I mean seriously. My daughter has been miserable since Thursday (5 days ago) and I took her to the   Read More »

Dealing with Molluscum

It has been two weeks since our last visit to the doctor’s office and I have lost count on the number of times we have been there this summer. My 5 year old daughter has these little bumps on her   Read More »

UTI Prevention

We had a very scary experience this summer – our 5 year old daughter was hospitalized with a kidney infection and dehydration after getting a very aggressive Urinary Tract Infection. As it always seems to be the case, I first   Read More »

Tips for a Better Check Up

Over the years I have learned that there are certain things I can do as a parent to make the kids’ annual check ups a better experience. When they were very little (under 2): Schedule the check up when your   Read More »