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5 Ways to Save Time, Money and Your Sanity This School Year


During the school year mornings can get a little hectic around here – especially when you consider I have three kids to get up and going at three different times to go to three different schools. All three kids pack   Read More » Dream Dorm Makeover Giveaway

College students from around the country are getting ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to dorm rooms, classrooms, football games, parties and college life in general. One of my all time favorite places to find organizers and gadgets   Read More »

Learning Styles – Which One is Your Child?

While I was in school I always heard about how there were different ways that people learn. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners and others are kinesthetic learners. Most of us learn through a combination of styles   Read More »

Making Kids Lunch Fun with Bento Box Lunches

Part of the back to school fun for my kids is picking out a cool lunch box for the upcoming year. As my girls get older, they are wanting to move away from the traditional PBJ packed lunch and are   Read More »