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Turn Your Favorite Shopping Bags into the BEST Textbook Covers

Shopping Bag Textbook Covers

When it comes to back-to-school traditions, somethings never change. I remember spending hours covering all of my text books in high school with brown paper cut from grocery sacks. If I was lucky, they survived one 9-week grading period and   Read More »

The Military Wives’ Cookbook

Today is Military Spouse Day! As a military wife who also grew up in a military family, I learned at an early age that gatherings, from formal ceremonies to backyard picnics, all have special meaning to military families. The recipes,   Read More »

American Girl is Retiring Samantha – Share Your Story

One of the things I like most about American Girl dolls is the stories that are written around each of the dolls, especially the historical dolls, like Samantha: An American Girl (The American Girls Collection/Boxed Set). Yesterday they announced the   Read More »

You’re a Good Mom!

Motherhood is not a sport, nor is it a contest, although if you look at society today, you might just think so! Jen Singer, an amazing Mother of two and author of the FUNNIEST book I have read recently, has   Read More »

Book Review – I Love You More

Written by Laura Duksta, I Love You More is a sweet and beautiful, flip sided book that tells the conversation of love between a Mother and her child through the eyes of them both. If you start the book on   Read More »