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Why Didn’t I Think of That? Easy Prescription Reminder

Prescription medicine reminder

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you are definitely missing out on a great way to find things you like and file them for future reference. I was on Pinterest this morning when I saw this: Immediately, I thought “Why   Read More »

One Mom’s Strategies for Keeping the Balance with Special Needs Kids

The following is a guest post by Karen of KarenMomofThree’sCraftBlog. Karen has three boys with special needs and I wanted her to share some of her tips for keeping the balance and control in her busy family’s daily life. My   Read More »

Sore Throat or Strep – How Can You Tell Which is Which

Kids are so predictable – well, at least my kids are -they each have their own unique behavior patterns that tip me off to how they are feeling or what is ailing them. My twelve year old daughter woke up   Read More »

The Difference Between Swimmers Ear and an Ear Infection

The other day when I went to pick my daughters up from swim practice, my 10 year old was perched on the edge of the pool while her friends were still swimming. I asked her coach what was up and   Read More »

Puking, Needles & Fainting (aka Childhood Gastro Issues)

My good friend (and fellow Mom) is convinced my family has some sort of radar or way of conveniently getting sick, having a crisis, or needing me whenever I have something for “me” planned. I had scheduled today to be   Read More »

Fifth Disease

The other day I noticed a dark red patch on my daughter’s face – it looked like she had been slapped in the face – even though I know she hadn’t. At first I thought I had missed a spot   Read More »

Pink Eye

When my daughter got out of bed this morning, I immediately knew something was not right. Her left eye looked like she had been in a boxing match and it was swollen, pink, and oozy. Looks like we have pink   Read More »