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Did I Really Wear Slippers to the Doctors Office?

So, I was sitting at the doctor’s office with my daughter the other day when I looked down and realized that I was still wearing my SLIPPERS! Seriously? ¬†Yes, and believe it or not, they really didn’t scream slippers, so   Read More »

Single Serve Soup Tip

Tip to keep Soup at Hand from tipping over in the microwave

During the school year one of my kids’ favorite snacks when we are rushing from school to sports practice – especially in the winter – is soup. Most of the time I just make up a batch of soup and   Read More »

Bento Lunches – Creative Lunch Box Love

Turtle Bento

I have a very creative friend named Beth Savage who makes her son the most adorable bento lunches and as we look at going back to school one of the things I dread most is packing lunches. After seeing what   Read More »

Birthday Freebies from My Favorite Loyalty Programs

Birthday Freebies

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday from my favorite brands, Happy Birthday to me! One more reason I like Loyalty Programs from my favorite brands MORE than couponing… the birthday gifts! So today is my birthday   Read More »

Summer Movie Recommendation – Disney’s Lemonade Mouth on DVD

Disney Channel Lemonade Mouth DVD

The Disney Channel’s latest original movie, Lemonade Mouth, is now available on DVD and is perfect to pick up for watching in the car on long road trips, rainy days or just everyday summer movie fun! Lemonade Mouth stars Bridgit   Read More »

Cool Friday Find – Zip It Zipper Bags

I love being able to share cool stuff with my readers and the Zip-It Zipper bags are definitely in the cool category. Have you ever wondered what else can a zipper do? I received a few Zip-It Zipper Bags to   Read More »