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Printable – Hooray for Little Victories Workout

30 day beginner workout

Earlier this fall I had surgery on my foot and have not been able to do my normal walking routine. As a result I have gotten quite frustrated and feel out of shape! I saw someone post a neat workout   Read More »

Energy Balance and the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Did you know that: American obesity rates have increased 37% between 1998 and 2006. The average adult is 23 pounds overweight. About one-third of American kids are overweight, with more than 15% of them obese. It is estimated that by   Read More »

My New Favorite Workout – Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout

As a kid and a young adult I was very active – doing a variety of sports on a daily basis – I even did sprint triathlons in my early twenties. Then in my thirties I spent all my time   Read More »

Join the Walk Around the World Challenge is hosting a wonderful challenge just in time for the cooler weather. They are challenging each and everyone of us to get up, get moving and log the miles we walk on the Fitness Magazine website. Fitness Magazine figures   Read More »

Good Posture Creates Healthier Kids and Happier Parents

Guest Post by Kerri Tyler Most people know that we should practice good posture, but did you know that having good posture can actually help you get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle? Practicing good posture allows your bones,   Read More »

Building Strong Bones For Kids and Parents

Guest post by Kerri Taylor Everyone knows that it is important to exercise because it helps to build strong muscles, increase flexibility, and improve heart health, but did you know that it can also strengthen your bones. As we age   Read More »

Kids and Exercise

Guest post by Kerri Tyler We all want to teach our children good health habits, but how should we do that? Nutrition is one of the first steps. Introducing them to healthy foods and avoiding junk food gives them the   Read More »

Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii

When we had our PlayStation2 one of our favorite games was definitely Dance Dance Revolution. The girls and I could spend hours taking turns, trying to beat each others’s scores and laughing about our mistakes. My son decided to upgrade   Read More »

Activity Bursts for Everyday Energy Boosts

NOTE: This is a guest article by Dr. Lorraine Williams, chiropractor turned TrackMom, focusing on  ways to raise a healthier family from a health professional’s perspective. We all know that 30 minutes per day of strenuous exercise will provide many   Read More »

Raising Healthy, Independent Kids Who Are Ready for College

Now that I am far removed from the diaper stage with my kids, we are rapidly approaching the “better think about college” phase. Apart from the obvious questions of where the kids may want to go to school and what   Read More »