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Menu Planning for the Busy Mom

Menu Planning for the Busy Mom

I can always tell what kind of a week it is going to be based on ONE thing – did I take 15 minutes over the weekend and make a plan? If the answer is YES, then chances are the   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday October 29

So, part of me is not really sure why I am making a menu plan this week and part of me thinks I need to be making two menu plans – one assuming we have power and one assuming we   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday October 8

After one totally jam packed weekend, can I say I am so glad the kids do not have school today and we can just lounge around in jammies all day? I normally do my planning for the week on Sunday   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday October 1

Happy October! I don’t know about you, but as far as I am concerned, today officially kicks off the crazy time of year that will keep going until January 1st. Hold on to your hats everyone, this is going to   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday September 17

Menu Plan Monday

Compared to this last week, this week is looking almost boring! Yes, we have lots of activities after school and all, but I don’t feel like I have to be in two places at once all week long. Back in   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday September 10

Menu Plan Monday

Looking at my calendar for this week is making me literally count down the days until my son can drive. Seriously, if he could just get himself places that would help. But since he is still a few weeks from   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday September 3

Menu September 3

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and are recharging your battery for the upcoming months of fall. This week kicks off the crazy schedule for us. Each of the kids has after-school activities which means   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday August 27

Menu Plan Monday

My three kids are back in school which means it is time for me to get back into some of my own good habits – like menu planning!  I really do believe that menu planning is the single most powerful   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday January 2

Happy New Year!! The Christmas Tree is down, decorations are put away, and now its time to tackle 2012 head on! The one thing that starts my week off right is a menu plan – without it, we are lost   Read More »

Menu Plan Monday November 28

Enough is enough! We have gone without a menu plan for too many weeks in a row and it is just not good!! The last few weeks have been as close to insane as it can get and I know   Read More »