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Making Kids Lunch Fun with Bento Box Lunches

Part of the back to school fun for my kids is picking out a cool lunch box for the upcoming year. As my girls get older, they are wanting to move away from the traditional PBJ packed lunch and are more interested in having “real” food mid-day.¬† Last year I picked up a few cute bento style boxes and they were a hit, which has put me on a hunt for some new ones this year.

3 Reasons I Switched to French Press Coffee

French Press coffee better than keurig

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on one and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission on that sale (which goes to pay for things like the hosting for this site). I didn’t   Read More »

4 Easy Ways to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Getting Kids to Eat Fresh Vegetables

Over at my friend Robyn’s site – Balance in Diet, she offered up some tips for getting your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. Like Robyn, I don’t have any problem getting our kids to eat fruits and vegetables   Read More »

Food for Thought – This is Not Your Grandmother’s Wheat

Over the weekend I read a really interesting article by Dr. Mark Hyman called Three Hidden Ways Wheat is Making You Fat. At first I thought it was a weight loss article, then as I started to read it I   Read More »

Introducing New, Healthful Foods into Your Diet is Easy

Guest Post It’s no secret that obesity is on the rise, and some studies show it may be due, in part, to more people eating unhealthy or over processed foods. There is a misconception, too, that eating healthy is complicated   Read More »

Review of the New Emergen-C Kidz

Emergen-C for Kids

I have long relied on the dietary supplement Emergen-C for a boost of Vitamins B, C and other vitamins during cold season, when I feel a cold coming on or when I am traveling. The flavors are not too sweet   Read More »

Bento Lunches – Creative Lunch Box Love

Turtle Bento

I have a very creative friend named Beth Savage who makes her son the most adorable bento lunches and as we look at going back to school one of the things I dread most is packing lunches. After seeing what   Read More »

How Much Fiber Does Your Child Need?

I love simple formulas, because as a Mom of three I do not have time for anything more. Anyhow, I recently wrote a piece on Kids and Fiber for the Kellogg’s Snackpicks website based on some really interesting information I   Read More »

Jamie Oliver Takes on Los Angeles

Did you watch season 1 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?¬† We did – and even before the show had started my kid had been taking their lunches to school because they knew that the school cafeteria food tasted bad, but   Read More »

Must See TV – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Ok Parents!! If you have school aged kids turn on the TV tonight and watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – it will be a huge eye opener for you. I watched the one hour preview of the series and it   Read More »