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I’m a Featured Mom a

Are you ready for fall? How about football season and the tailgate parties that have become a football tradition?  In my first article as a “Featured Mom” on the site I have got some tips on how to put   Read More »

Helping Kids Make a Successful Transition to Middle School

My second child will start middle school in August and while I am not as panicked about it as I was with my first child, I do have some concerns, especially since my kids all have such different personalities. Author   Read More »

100 Free or Almost Free Things for the Kids to Do This Summer

Summer’s here and I’ve already shared with you the free kids bowling tip and the free weekends at the National Parks, but the team at Girl, Get Strong have compiled a serious list of things for the kids to do!   Read More »

Free Back to School Checklist for Mom’s

I can hear it already, you are saying the kids just got out ouf school and you are already talking about a back to school checklist?? Yep, because even though summer vacation just started for many of us, kids across   Read More »

No, Seriously, My Daughter Sent Me 106 Text Messages in 3 Days

So that is not a typical post title, but she really did! Now I am sure that there are parents everywhere shocked that I would give my 10 year old a cell phone of her own, and even more shocked   Read More »

Allergen Free and Special Needs School and Art Supplies

When you have a child with allergies the first thing you focus your attention on is food and environmental elements, but what about all the supplies they use at school?  Many art products such as paint, glue, markers, playdough and   Read More »

Raising Healthy, Independent Kids Who Are Ready for College

Now that I am far removed from the diaper stage with my kids, we are rapidly approaching the “better think about college” phase. Apart from the obvious questions of where the kids may want to go to school and what   Read More »

Omega 3 Is The Secret To Glowing Skin

NOTE: This is a first in a series of articles by Dr. Lorraine Williams, chiropractor turned TrackMom, which will focus on more ways to raise a healthier family from a health professional’s perspective. Post contains affiliate links. Omega 3’s secret   Read More »

Healthy Links for 6-8-08

It is going to be at least 100 degrees today and very humid!  If it is going to be hot in your neighborhood, please be sure to stay cool, keep the kids and pets hydrated, and stay safe.  Here are   Read More »

Kicking Off A Healthy Summer

Ah, summer! Do you dream of lazy afternoons by the pool or have nightmares of the never ending stream of “Mom, I’m Bored” calls from the kids? I am excited about this summer because the kids each have a sport   Read More »