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5 Spring Skin Care Tips

  Hello sunshine!! After what seems like a never ending winter it finally feels like spring around here. Not only is it time to do spring cleaning in the house and updating your wardrobe, but it is time to take   Read More »

Made From Earth Skin Care Products Review

I have sensitive skin – skin that is sensitive to fragrances, dyes and petroleum based products. I can’t have artificial fingernails and my hair dresser has to color my hair very carefully because I develop flu like symptoms that last   Read More »

Sunscreens and Sunblock – The Importance of Using the Right One

While it is great to get outside and exercise, you should not forget the sun block. The suns rays can be dangerous, and to much sun exposure can lead to serious help problems. To prevent damage from the sun, be   Read More »

The Molluscum Are Finally Gone

When I last posted an update about my daughter’s molluscum, I honestly didn’t think those things would ever go away, but they have!!! Yeah! I took a photo a few weeks ago as they all started to scab over at   Read More »

Acidophilus Stops Cold Sores in their Tracks

Let me state again, I am not a doctor or a health care professional and the following is just my personal experience. Every winter when the cold viruses start going around, I usually have at least one cold sore (also   Read More »

5 Steps to Smoother Feet

When the weather finally changed last week and got cold enough to turn on the furnace, the first thing I noticed was how dry my skin suddenly felt. So what’s a girl to do? Here are some of my favorite   Read More »

Treating Molluscum with Tea Tree Oil

This post contains affiliate links. It has now been over 6 weeks since our last doctor’s visit. My daughter’s molluscum warts seem to be getting better and not one of them has become infected like before. We have been dealing   Read More »

Dealing with Molluscum

It has been two weeks since our last visit to the doctor’s office and I have lost count on the number of times we have been there this summer. My 5 year old daughter has these little bumps on her   Read More »