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Celebrating Half Birthdays

Half Birthday Cake

I have three children, two with birthdays near major holidays – December 18 and January 21 – so in our house I have decided to celebrate half birthdays!

Now I do not mean that I am going to do a full extra birthday with parties presents, loot bags and more (but you could). In my house we will start marking the occasion by having half birthday cakes for dessert on their half birthdays, 6 months after the date of their actual birth dates.

Now these cakes are easy and fun. Celebrating this non holiday is so simple even the busiest families can turn an “non celebrating day” into a new tradition.

In order to create a half birthday cake simply start with a simple boxed cake mix and some icing.

You can either do two 8″ round cakes and freeze the extra one for the next occasion, or you could do one round cake and use the left over batter for cupcakes – which also freeze well if you do not ice them first.

Once you have baked and cooled your cake, remove it from the pan and cut down the center in half. Add a layer of icing as you would do for any layer cake. Then add the other half of the cake on top and ice it as you would a regular cake. Half Birthday celebrations

Be careful when icing around the cut edge as the crumbs are likely to move around in your icing. To avoid this either bake and freeze the cake a head of time (this makes it less likely to fall apart) or use lots of icing and smooth the icing with a long cake spatula.

Decorate the cake as you would a normal birthday cake – making it as simple or elaborate as you would like. Be sure to write “Happy ½ Birthday” on your cake. You can have the child blow out half a candle, or the one left over from his actual birthday. There are so many fun things you can do with the half birthday concept. For us, as the boys get older we will let them invite a friend to dinner and for cake – of course but no actual presents will be given. However, if your child’s birthday falls too close to Christmas, you may want to forgo the birthday presents at Christmas and give them during the summer half birthday instead. It’s all about what works for you and your child!

By Karen Owen of KarenMomofThree’sCraftBlog

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2 Responses to Celebrating Half Birthdays

  1. pippelotje says:

    that’s a great Idea! my youngest has her birthday the 8th of January, typically still in the NewYear-party-everywhere-rush…. so she has her half-birthday this week, and I’m going to have it celebrated! thanks for sharing!

  2. I just had a talk with my 5 year old (she will be 6 on Dec 28th) and asked her if she would rather celebrate her 1/2 birthday this year instead of her real birthday and she chose her 1/2 birthday.

    For us we only do parties with our families so I think we will do a little something for her on her b-day (how do you not and the family can send her a b-day card on her b-day if they want) but will be celebrating with present ad cake on her 1/2 birthday (actually July 4th.. how fun would that be since we always get together that day anyways) instead!