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Crocs and Escalator Dangers

Crocs and escalator injuries

Crocs are cool and they are very comfy, but there have been increasing reports of the colorful, flexible shoes getting caught in escalators and causing foot injuries to their young wearers.

The rubbery shoes are particularly dangerous when worn on escalators because they can get wedged between the edge of the escalator and the moving stairs. Kids are particularly at risk due to their small size/weight and the fact that most kids tend to move around or fidget when riding on escalators.

The increase in injuries has prompted the Washington Metro subway service and American Girl Place, among others, to post Crocs warning signs near their escalators. The Crocs company, however, is taking credit for raising escalator safety awareness in the wake of the injuries.

For more information, here are few news stories:

Next time you take the kids to the mall, leave the crocs at home.

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8 Responses to Crocs and Escalator Dangers

  1. Pickel says:

    Well, at least they are not in the river, like my son’s.

  2. Lucy says:

    I don’t understand the appeal of these shoes at all – yet another fad that’s passed me by. I’m definitely getting old!

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  4. Calvin Warr says:

    Elevators have been with us for many years. Elevator accidents have been with us for many years. But I do not recall any other footwear having the dubious honor of being so often associated with elevator accidents. Sure, elevator designs are not perfect, but in this case, statistics seem to indicate that the problem just might lie with the design of the crocs shoes?

  5. Phil says:

    Lucy, don’t worry, I think they’re ridiculous too! I’m almost glad there’s a reason for people to stop buying these eyesores!

  6. Sara says:

    I would say don’t take your kid on a elevator wearing these and while some say they are not the most attactive footwear, as a nurse and on my feet 12 hour a shift I LOVE my crocs!
    I have 10+ pairs and don’t care what others think about the style, my knee & hip pain are much relieved and I can still function after a long shift wearing these and I have tried almost every other expensive orthopedic footwear out there.
    My patients always tell me they love the bright colors and and different jibbitz they are decorated in, brightens up the ho-hum dull hospital environment.

    Sorry fashionistas, but I’m a proud to wear Crocs nurse here :0)

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  8. SMT says:

    Two nurses at my hospital have had fall related injuries while wearing these ugly shoes.