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Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii

When we had our PlayStation2 one of our favorite games was definitely Dance Dance Revolution. The girls and I could spend hours taking turns, trying to beat each others’s scores and laughing about our mistakes. My son decided to upgrade to an xbox and sold all of his PS2 equipment and games to GameStop. That meant no DDR for us. Sure, we have Wii Fit and We Cheer for the Wii, but it just isn’t the same as DDR.

We picked up Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 with Dance Mat for the Wii over the weekend. I spent about 2 hours playing it yesterday evening. The game has multiple modes – from arena, to free play, workout, training and more. But it also makes use of the Wii mote and Nunchuk which means you have to use your upper body and lower body to move to the music. Definitely an added bit of challenge!

The basic game concept is the same as the PS2 version – follow the arrows on the screen to dance and score points. The DDR for the Wii incorporates the hand movements, as well as additional challenges (like arrow minimizers and foot confusers) in addition to having a whole new library of songs to choose from in order to make it different from the previous versions.

Some of the new songs include covers of¬† “I Want Candy”, “We Got the Beat” and “You’re the One That I Want”. There are various levels of difficulty – I’ll stick to beginner for now, but I am sure my girls will get to the higher levels sooner than later.

If you have multiple dance mats you can do multiplayer mode which would be a lot of fun for a sleepover or family game night.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 with Dance Mat is another game that has great playability and encourages fitness, too!

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