Dryer Sheets as Bug Repellent

Did you know that dryer sheets make great mosquito repellent? Yep! Just take a dryer sheet and put it in your pocket, tie it to a belt loop or if your skin is not sensitive you can wipe the dryer sheet on your arms or legs (I am not a big fan of this due to the chemicals that are in the sheets – that even bugs don’t like).

How do I know this works? My Mom has a nursery and spends most of her day outside in the garden. The mosquitos love her. She has found that if she wears long pants and puts the dryer sheet in her pocket, the pesky bugs leave her alone. I am also a prime target for mosquitos and realized I had no bug spray in the house last week so I gave the dryer sheet method a try – and as advertised, it works like a charm.

Looking for other creative uses for dryer sheets? Check out this article aptly titled, Creative Uses for Dryer Sheets.

Image: Dr Player

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