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Easy Tie Dye Waffles

Easy Tie Dye Waffles

Waffles have been a Sunday morning tradition since I was a little girl. My Dad used to make them every Sunday morning and every now and then he would get adventurous and add a little food coloring to the batter and see if he could get a reaction from us by making our waffles green at St. Patrick’s Day or pink for Valentine’s Day.

I have continued the tradition with my kids – although I will have to say that waffles do not happen every Sunday, but they do make frequent Sunday appearances. This summer my daughter was in a local production of the musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” For breakfast on the last Sunday of the production, I decided to take my Dad’s food coloring surprise to a new level and made waffles inspired by the very colorful musical.

Making the tie dye waffles was super easy. I mixed up the batter just as I normally would and let it set for a few minutes. I took four different food coloring tubes and dropped a few drops of each color in four separate areas of my mixing bowl. I gently stirred the batter with a whisk – just enough to move the colors but not so much that it turns a solid color. I scooped the batter into the waffle iron and let them cook away.

The girls thought they tie dye waffles were amazing and loved that I did something extra special for them.

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