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Kids and Exercise

Guest post by Kerri Tyler

We all want to teach our children good health habits, but how should we do that?

playground Nutrition is one of the first steps. Introducing them to healthy foods and avoiding junk food gives them the basic foundation of healthy living, but it is also important to teach them to be physically active. Exercise is important for children because it helps to keep them from gaining unhealthy weight, and also allows them to burn some of the extra energy they have. Sometimes it is hard for parents to decide which exercises are best for their child, and how long they should exercise.

Children do not have to run on a treadmill or swim for a mile to get in their cardio. Some experts suggest that one of the best forms of exercise for children is normal play. Take them outdoors and let them run around and play. If your children are not very enthused about playing outdoors, go out and play with them. You can introduce games like kick ball or tag, to get them started.

Trips to the park can also encourage physical activity. Your children may be more likely to get active when there are other children around, or things for them to play on. Most parks have slides and swings, which both require effort and activity on their part, but it is fun for them.

Organized sports are also a great way to get your children active. Sign them up for baseball, football, dance, gymnastics, or any other activity you think they will enjoy. This is not only good for them physically, by socially as well. Not only do they get to burn energy, they can also work on building friendships, and good sportsmanship. All of which will help them throughout their entire lives.

Children need the same things as adults to remain healthy and fit. Good nutrition and exercise can make children, as well as parent, happy and healthy.

About the Author:
Kerri has made it a life goal to teach mothers and fathers how to raise their children in a healthy way. She feels childhood obesity can be overcome with education and action concerning health and fitness. She suggests trying one of the leading home workouts for kids called Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club, and parents if you want to workout right along with your kids try Get Insanity Workout by Shaun T.

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