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Improving Your Family’s Fiscal Health - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more How many times do you eat out per week? Do you really need all those channels on TV? How about the newspaper and magazine subscriptions? As the nation’s economy takes a turn for the worse, many families are asking these questions and more as they evaluate their fiscal health.

Could your family survive a month of no spending? That is exactly what one family did and they ended up saving $2000 in the process. Sure it was a challenge – especially when they would have normally called in a plumber for an issue in the house (that was solved with Dawn dish detergent and boiling water) – but the entire experience ended up being a positive one. The full story is worth a read.

I know that I could not go to that extreme, cold-turkey, but just like you make little changes in your diet (giving up soda, as I did a year ago), making little changes in your family’s spending habits can have big returns over time.

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