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Gilden Tree Complete Healthy Feet Kit Giveaway

Are your feet ready for warmer weather, sandals and walks on the beach?? Gilden Tree and Raising a Healthy Family would like to help you get those feet ready to emerge from those winter layers with a great giveaway. We are giving away a Complete Healthy Feet Kit to one lucky reader.

Gilden Tree Complete Healthy Feet KitGilden Tree is known for its Natural Healing Foot Care and Dry Feet & Heel Solutions! Soak, Scrub, Moisturize and Protect™ your way to healthier, more beautiful feet with this Complete Kit which includes small (1 oz.) sizes of Gilden Tree’s very best products – Softening Spa Soak, Exfoliating Foot Scrub, Nourishing Foot Cream, 95% Shea Butter Balm and the amazing, callus removing Footscrubber® (as recommended by Oprah!). It’s perfect for home pedicures or to take traveling, and makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, too! Scented with Kiran Forest, a captivating blend of fresh green botanicals.

Gilden Tree also has some great Fresh Home Spa recipes on their site. Here is one of my favorites:

Cool Wake-Me-Up Foot Soak

1/2 cup Baking Soda
1 lemon thinly sliced
1 bunch fresh Mint, finely chopped

Medium bowl
12″ square of cheesecloth or large coffee filter
rubber band

In a square of cheesecloth or a large coffee filter, loosely secure most of the thinly sliced lemons and the chopped mint. Steep “sachet” in hot water for 5 minutes. Fill footbath with cool water, and swirl baking soda in. Add lemon-mint “tea“, squeezing sachet to remove all “tea” Add remaining lemons, and soak feet for 10 minutes. This is a great pick-me-up if feet are hot and tired! You can even prepare the “tea” ahead of time and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours.

How do you enter to win the Complete Healthy Feet Kit? It’s easy. Just leave a comment below – tell me if you are ready for spring weather, what your favorite part of the sunnier days is, or your favorite way to soothe your tired feet. Deadline for entries is midnight Sunday, April 6, 2008.

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169 Responses to Gilden Tree Complete Healthy Feet Kit Giveaway

  1. Veronica Garrett says:

    I’m ready for sunnier weather. My favorite part is cookouts.

  2. sarah woods says:

    Love to see spring with daylight savings time; I work home health; so the signs of spring both to myself and my patients plus the extra dayight time brings a since of new life to each of us. Best of luck to all who enter. Thank you!!!!!

  3. Lucy says:

    We’ve been experiencing spring weather for quite a while since we live in South Texas. I am definitely ready and enjoying the sunny days here by going for daily walks and just hanging out outside. Thanks.

  4. Ronni says:

    I am so ready for summer to arrive. This cold weather has been hanging on for way, way, way too long. I don’t mind the rain that comes with the warmer weather…I just want nice sunny days and warm nights to lay outside and enjoy the stars!

  5. Naomi says:

    I love being able to go outside! And cookout season so my husband can fire up the grill.

  6. Alecia Gibson says:

    I am definitely ready for spring and summer. I’m so sick of sitting around the house. We’re suppose to get snow today too:(

  7. Alka says:

    I am SO ready for spring weather!
    Its April and it still hasnt hit 60 around here!! It stinks.

  8. Noreen says:

    I can’t wait for warm lazy day to play in the sprinklers with my kids!

  9. Cassandra says:

    This has been a long winter, so I am definitely ready for spring weather!

  10. Terri Wagner says:

    I live in the Catskill Mountains in NY. We had an inch of snow 2 days ago and there has been snow on the ground constantly since early November. I’ve had enough. I want spring. I can’t wait to wear sandals and tanks and shorts again.

  11. Debbie Criss says:

    I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Spring and summer is my favorite. I’m getting ready to set my pool up so I can walk the pool. I have a bad back, but I can walk it. I started about a year ago walking for one hour a day , using a timer. With learning to eat right for life, I have lost 4 pants sizes. I have managed to hold it all winter, but ready to get started losing the other 50 lbs. I’m so excited for summer to win the new me, my losing the weight.
    I learned to wear swim shoes, this soothes my feet. I wear extra cushion soles in my shoes. thank you

  12. Ginny says:

    I am so ready for spring & summer. Living in Michigan really starts to depress you with the dark & cold nights. Already feeling better with just 2 days of sun! My feet could use this really bad.

  13. Taryn S says:

    Soooooooo ready for spring! I hate the in between stuff!

  14. Susanne Troop says:

    Love spending time on our back porch!

  15. Cathy Tomlinson says:

    My favorite Spring ritual is putting away all of my “Winter” shoes and getting out all of my cute sandals. I head to the nail salon and get a pedicure with a “pretty in pink” color. This one thing puts a spring in my step every year.

  16. Donna Kozar says:

    I am ready. I love swimming. I use a peppermint rub on my tired feet.

  17. kerri says:

    i am ready it has been cold here i live in iowa and i cant wait to go to the pool, sleeping in ,wearing sandals ,and brezzy easy dresses i love it all minus mosqitos . i have my hubby or pay my kids a 1.00 they laugh at me to rub my feet with a soothin lotion with menthol

  18. Charlene Kuser says:

    I am so ready for spring,I want to get outside and
    do some gardening.I like to soothe my tired feet,
    by rubbing them with rubbing alchol

  19. Haley Powell says:

    I’m definitely ready for spring weather. It’s still been kind of chilly in NY.