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Good Posture Creates Healthier Kids and Happier Parents

Guest Post by Kerri Tyler

good-posture Most people know that we should practice good posture, but did you know that having good posture can actually help you get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle? Practicing good posture allows your bones, ligaments, and muscles to align properly. This leads to better productivity and more energy.

For kids it is vital that they learn good posture from a young age. Trying to fix bad posture is much more difficult than learning it right the first time. Use these techniques for you and for your kids, so you all learn better posture and reap the benefits of that.

How can you practice good posture for you and your kids?

When you are standing you should make sure that your head is held high with your shoulders back and your chest out. You should also keep your chin forward, and tuck your stomach in. If you are sitting you should make sure that your knees are slightly higher than your hips, and that you choose a chair with a firm lower back support. If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time you should get up and stretch frequently.

While sleeping you should lie on our side with your knees bent. You should also use a pillow to support your head that makes it level with the spine. If you must sleep on your back, choose a small pillow rather than a large one.

When you are lifting an object you should always bend your knees and grasp the object. To lift it you should then straighten your legs. Never lift by bending your body over and lifting with your back.

Practicing bad posture can lead to joint stiffness and pain, fatigue, and tight achy muscles. All of these things can make it difficult to exercise and stick to a routine. There are some things that you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you with your posture.

  • Invest in good bedding. The proper bedding will support the spine while you sleep, allowing you to have the same posture as someone who is standing properly.
  • Keep the extra weight off. Carrying excess weight can place strain on the back and stomach muscles.
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise helps to tone the muscles needed for proper posture.

Practicing good posture can help you feel more energized.

About the Author:
Kerri has made it a life goal to teach mothers and fathers how to raise their children in a healthy way.
She feels childhood obesity can be overcome with education and action concerning health and fitness.
For parents she suggests a new workout called Rev Abs Workout with Brett Hoebel, or a workout called the Shaun T Insanity Workout.

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