Healthy Halloween Banana Ghost Snack

Healthy Halloween Banana Ghost Snack

Hey friends! It is Laura Kelly from Me and My INKlings here sharing a super adorable and healthy Halloween banana ghost snack. SO much of the season is filled with sugar…so much sugar. While this snack has a little chocolate, it is mostly made up of banana!


To make them, insert a lollipop stick for each banana piece.  I cut the bananas in thirds.  Dip them lightly in melted white chocolate then place them into a styrofoam base to cool.  Add the eyes (Wilton candy) when the chocolate starts to harden.  Ta da!  Aren’t they cute?


They are a good part of a Halloween meal!


Those hard boiled eggs!  So yummy and fun to make.  You can find them over on my blog HERE.

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And these oranges decorated like Jack-O-Lanterns.  They are shared on Housewife Hellraiser right HERE.


Cheers to real foods for Halloween snacking and munching,



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  1. These are so adorable, and they sound delicious too – bananas in white chocolate? Yes please. It’s a shame my super picky son won’t even touch bananas. I guess I’ll have to make them for myself 😉

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