High Blood Pressure – I am One in Three

Did you know that high blood pressure afflicts 74 million adults (or nearly one in three) in the U.S.? I am one of those three.

Yesterday I went to the doctor’s for a routine physical. After the dreaded weight and height measurement ( I think I am shrinking), the next thing the nurse did was take my blood pressure reading. It was high. Not out of this world high, but high enough that they want to monitor it every day this week.  Before I had children my blood pressure was never an issue, but having children can mess with your body chemistry. With my first pregnancy, 14 years ago, my blood pressure sky rocketed and I ended up with pregnancy induced hypertension. Needless to say, my body hasn’t forgiven me yet.

So my doctor wants me back in the office for more readings this week and more than likely she will be putting me on blood pressure medication. Additionally she wants me to increase my aerobic output to 4 workouts a week, cut out more sugar and carbs in my diet, and continue to lose weight (I’ve lost 20 lbs. but she’d like to see me lose another 10 or so).

When I got home I had an email from M80, a social media firm, on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation to help spread awareness about high blood pressure. What timing!

Novartis has launched www.1in3people.com, a new site featuring comprehensive information about high blood pressure and its consequences. The site is ideal for those at risk for high blood pressure, those who are managing this condition, and those who are helping loved ones to cope with it. The goal is to promote awareness of high blood pressure. www.1in3people.com provides the facts about high blood pressure in an accessible yet informative format, including an interactive guide to the physical symptoms high blood pressure as it spreads out through the body.

If you are one in three, think you may  be at risk for high blood pressure or know someone who is, visit the site and get informed!

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  1. Thanks for the link! It’s amazing how high blood pressure can hit almost anyone. I’m in my early 40’s and was diagnosed w/ HBP in September even though my BMI is 21 and I walked 3 times per week. My 30 year old niece was just diagnosed w/ HBP in February and she’s got a BMI of 19.5. So I think it’s important that everyone gets themselves checked. Even if you don’t want to see your doctor, go to one of those monitors they’ve got in the drug store and find out if your blood pressure is normal.

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