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Infographic: Most Dangerous Countries to Drive In and Other Interesting Driving Facts

Having just gone through a very humbling Driver’s License Ceremony (not sure if that is what you would call it) with my 16 year old son, where a Judge addressed a room full of new drivers and their parents and talked about the importance of safe driving, I find the infographic below interesting and in some cases frightening. 

Via: InsuranceCheap

Unfortunately we live in the outskirts of what is considered to be the city with the MOST dangerous drivers!  

The Judge did cover all the basic safe driving topics, but the one thing he made clear to the new drivers that I found interesting is that while some  accidents occur as the result of inexperienced driving or someone else’s poor decisions, the MAJORITY of accidents are the result of BAD DECISIONS such as speeding, alcohol/drugs, and texting while driving. Those are conscious decisions drivers make – if you end up in court as the result of an accident and one of those things was a major factor – do not expect leniency from the courts! 

I encourage you to share this infographic with your young drivers and talk about the difference between an “accident” and a “poor decision!”

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