It’s Just a Virus

thermometerIt’s just a virus. Those have to be the four most frustrating words a parent can hear at the doctor’s office. I mean seriously. My daughter has been miserable since Thursday (5 days ago) and I took her to the doctor’s today. She has been running fevers of 102-103 since Saturday, her eyes look like she has been on a three day bender and she won’t get off the couch.

The doctor did a strep test – negative. A flu test – negative. Took blood – everything looks good. So, it must just be a virus. ICK!! There is nothing to give her except Motrin to make her comfortable, plenty of vitamin C-rich liquids and let her rest.

Tomorrow will be her fourth day in a row missing school and her 6th day in a row at home. I may be taking some of my own Sick Day Sanity Saver advice.

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