Jamie Oliver Takes on Los Angeles

Did you watch season 1 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  We did – and even before the show had started my kid had been taking their lunches to school because they knew that the school cafeteria food tasted bad, but after seeing the show they knew WHY it tasted bad – it was all pre-processed junk. The one thing my 12 year old daughter took away from the series most  was how easy it is to put together quick, healthy meals from fresh ingredients we already have around the house.

Well, Jamie Oliver is going from one extreme to another in season 2. He is going from laid back, down home Huntington, WV to the hustle and bustle of inner city Los Angeles and boy, does he have his work cut out for him!!! Take a look at the trailer for season 2:

Did you see all the food that family eats in a week stacked in their house? Not a whole lot of healthy there.

Anyhow, the first episode of the season is Tuesday, April 12 at 8 Eastern on ABC. In this season, and again Jamie is asking the question, “Why can’t we do better for our kids?”

From his email: Jamie is still asking questions about the quality of school meals, and asks LA’s parents for support to challenge the LAUSD to do better. He cooks with LA teens and uses a science class to get them thinking about what’s in their food. They tell him they’re scared for their families – they’re sadly at risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease because of the processed food they’re eating. He also dips into the powerful world of fast food and industrial ingredients.

I’d love to hear your reaction of the show and I am going to DVR the whole season, just so I don’t miss anything.  And in the meantime, head over and sign Jamie’s petition to support the Food Revolution in the United States!

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