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My New Favorite Workout – Kettleworx Kettlebell Workout

As a kid and a young adult I was very active – doing a variety of sports on a daily basis – I even did sprint triathlons in my early twenties. Then in my thirties I spent all my time focused on beginning my family – getting married, having three kids in 5 years, working from home, and just generally focusing on everyone but myself. The result has not been pretty! Over the past 15 years I have gained more weight than I care to admit (yet).

Last year I turned 40 and my kids are no longer as needy of my time and energy, so my motto has become something to the effect of “time to reclaim ME“. Through basic diet changes which included cutting ALL soda out of my daily routine, cutting back on sweets, and reducing my portion sizes, I was able to drop 15 pounds. That was enough to motivate me to start moving again – and I found a workout that fit into my busy schedule, too.

Enter Kettleworx.

Kettleworx is a series of DVD workouts using kettlebells – a weighted ball with a handle that has been around for years but has made a resurgence recently due to the efficiency of the workout. Kettlebell training uses more muscles at once which revs up your body’s fat burning capacity.

About one month ago I started the 6-Week Kettleworx DVD program – all I need is a kettlebell (I started with a 5lb. one and will move up to a 10 lb. kettlebell in January), some floor space and 20 minutes, 3 times a week. And while I found 3 times a week was all I could handle at first, I have learned to love the additional 10 minute Fast Burn video workouts and have fun adding them in as I have the time.

WEEK 1 – I just had to try it.

The first week I started with the 5lb. kettlebell and the Cardio Week 1 workout. I made it through the workout with relative ease – I really liked the fact that the workout is NO IMPACT – but certainly worked up a sweat. About two hours after doing the workout I began to really feel it! And the next morning my legs were seriously sore. However, the soreness went away pretty quickly and after the third workout I didn’t really feel as sore.

I gave myself a day of rest and then did the Resistance Week 1 workout. The focus of this workout is toning your muscles all over and getting stronger. Another rest day and then the Core Week 1 workout – this one focuses on your center – your abs, back and trunk. I have to say I love all the core and ab exercises and am already noticing a difference in the muscle tone on my stomach.

Week 2 – Coming back for more.

In week 2 I did the Resistance on Monday, Fast Burn Abs on Tuesday (it is only 10 minutes and works your stomach like you would not believe), Cardio on Wednesday, rested Thursday and did Resistance on Friday.

KettleWorx 6 Week Body Transformation Week 3 – Starting to see results.

By the third week of workouts with Kettleworx, I was able to notice my jeans felt much looser! Woo hoo! Five more pounds are gone, my clothes are looser and I am loving the Kettleworx workouts. Each workout is different, easy to follow and leave you feeling as if you have accomplished something!!

Week 4 – I can finally do pushups again.

Did you know that one of the favorite workout tools of choice for the team at The Biggest Loser tv show is kettlebells? They know its benefits – no impact, high efficiency and it helps build strength. I can attest to the additional strength I have acquired. Four weeks ago I could barely eek out a single “girly” pushup. Last night I was able to do 15 real pushups – not girly ones either.

Week 5, 6 and beyond

I am far from reaching my goal at this point, but I will say, the Kettleworx workout is the first workout plan that has been able to keep my interest for more than a week in a LONG time. The workouts are all different – no getting bored. The instructor, Ryan, has a great dry sense of humor and encouraging presence – its like having your own personal trainer. AND the biggest motivator for me to continue the program is the results – I just can’t wait to see how my new 41 year old Mommy body is going to continue to transform over the next few months.

Once I reach one of my big goals I’ll post pictures and an update.

UPDATE: no pictures yet, but want you to know I have now lost another 25 pounds and dropped a jean size.

Watch this video on the Kettleworx workout – then give it a try! If this super busy, forty something Mom of three can do it, SO CAN YOU!

PS – Use the coupon code KWSAVE to get 10% off your order. Your body will love you for it!!

PPS – Two quick tips for making your workout even better. One, get wristbands. As I have moved up to a higher weight I have found that for some of the exercises the 10lb. kettlebell hits my wrist wrong. Wearing a wristband provides a good level of padding.¬† Second, I noticed that the trainer doesn’t always do the same number of reps on each side. So if you start set 1 on your right side, then switch to your left side first for set 2. Hope these help!

Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting a new fitness program. Also, I was given the Kettleworx DVD set to review, however, I purchased my own kettlebell and my opinions of the program are not influenced by me receiving the DVD to review. This truly is the most complete, efficient and fun workout program I have found yet!

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