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Kid Friendly Dogs

When considering what type of pet is best for your family, dogs are a natural pick, however, knowing what kind of dog is going to be best for your family can be a challenge. You need to take into consideration:

  • Size of your yard and house
  • Ages of your children
  • Time you have available to spend with the pet

The best dog I have ever owned was a female Rhodesian Ridgeback who was so mild mannered and great with the kids. Right now we have a male Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Black Lab – both are great with the kids, too, but we also have 4 acres where they have plenty of room to run and they have a very large outdoor run as well.

According to the Dog Guide, the best dog for families with children is the Newfoundland. Which other breeds made their Top 10 Best Breeds for Families with Children? Check out the article and see if your dog made the list.

Before going to a breeder or the pet store, check out your local animal shelter. Shelter pets are usually wonderful animals who have found themselves in a shelter due to situations with their owners. For more information, check out the Shelter Pet Project’s PSA video.

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One Response to Kid Friendly Dogs

  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh my! I had a Rhidgeback mix, too!
    He died a few years ago at 14. He was such an awesome dog! And, yes, he would sit there when my then 18 month old would poke at his eyes. Such a loving pooch!