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Menu Plan Monday – January 14

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday!! I am recovering from a very busy weekend, but still took a few minutes this morning to plan out the menu for the week. I know that I don’t, there is a good chance the kids and I would eat out or grab fast food every night this week – it’s just one of those weeks. Instead, I have a plan and they know it. Since the kids know what is already on the menu for the week they are less likely to ask for me to stop through the drive thru on the way home from an activity.

  • Monday – Top your own pasta! I will cook up the pasta and then the kids will have a few sauces and veggies to add to their own mix. This works well for us as one of my kids doesn’t like her veggies mixed in with sauce.  Applesauce for dessert.
  • TuesdayHam and cheese crescent roll ups (use Pillsbury crescent rolls – roll them out, add a piece of ham and cheese then roll up as directed on package, cook as directed on package), roasted broccoli, roasted new potatoes
  • Wednesday – Omelets, bacon, fresh fruit
  • ThursdayTaco Sloppy joes, veggies with dip, tater tots
  • Friday – Healthy semi-fast food (like Baja Fresh, Noodles and Co., or Red Hot & Blue) since we have a hockey game and the kids will stay and ice skate afterwards.

For more Menu Plan Monday inspiration, stop in at I’m an Organizing Junkie or check out some of my favorite Menu Plans from An Ordinary Mom, Chick in the Kitchen, The Book of Yum, Life’s Just Beachy, My Life as Annie, and HomeEc 101.

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5 Responses to Menu Plan Monday – January 14

  1. Mommychicky says:

    I may try the top your own pasta this weekend when my folks are in. Check my menu out if you get a chance and have a great week.

  2. Dara says:

    Thanks very much for the link! My boys say they don’t like sauce, but your menu is a good reminder to me to keep putting it on the table. Maybe one day they’ll eat it… a mom can dream, right?

  3. Char says:

    Mommychicky – This is a perfect dish for a crew!

    Dara – I found that by offering a few sauces and gave the kids the option of creating their own pasta creation that even my picky girls were eating more of a variety.

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  5. Laura says:

    Mmmmmm, sounds so good Char especially Tuesday!

    Have a wonderful week 🙂