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Menu Plan Monday July 18

July has got to be the busiest year of the year for us! Between birthdays (we have a ton of them), swim meets each Wednesday, camps, vacation and visitors, it can be hard to stop and catch our breath. Its a good busy and I don’t mind, but I do have to stop and take the time to plan or it can get ugly!

On the menu this week:

The new recipe for this week is Foil Packet Chicken with Snow Peas and Carrots from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. We are really trying to eat leaner and be a little creative in the process, so I think the kids will like this recipe.

The kids were introduced to Edamame this week and in order to get them to try them, I just told them they were like giant Sugar Snap Peas. We steamed them up and sprinkled a little sea salt on them and much to my surprise, they were a hit. One serving of edamame equals 1/2 cup shelled and contains 120 calories, 5g fat, 8g carbs and 10g of protein making them a super healthy snack or side dish.

Need more inspiration?

Feel free to check out my Menu Plan Monday archives or head over to Laura’s at Organizing Junkie for links to hundreds of menus this week.

On the chore side of the planning, I have to say that the “Wheel of Fortune” day or Mom’s Choice option was a great addition. The kids moaned and groaned when it was their day but they cooperated. Basically I used that day as the one where I looked around at what jobs had been overlooked or desperately needed to be done based on the individual child’s strengths. And this week my son turns 15 so he gets a freebie day to celebrate.

Looking for the chore chart template for your own house? Here is the link to my summer chore chart template.

So, what’s on your menu? Have a great week!

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