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MetLife Defender – Protection For The Digital World


MetLife Defender

So I was just doing my normal work today when a message from my son who is away at college popped up. It went something like this:

“Mom, I just got off the phone with the bank and someone used my credit card number to buy stuff on a Kenyan airliner…”

Say WHAT???? Luckily our bank is awesome and they are sending him a new card, refunding the money that went astray and not penalizing him at all, but that is just a little freaky scary!!

With more and more reports in the media of credit card numbers and personal information being compromised, it’s really hard to know if your data, financial information, health records, and even your children are safe online! Enter MetLife’s Defender line of products.

Identity Theft & Personal Data Protection

  • ID Theft Protection: Patented technology and digital forensics proactively protect against the threat of ID theft and work to remove personal information from unauthorized locations.
  • Personal Identity Monitoring and Security: Searches more than 25 personal data points and protects personal information from social media accounts, driver’s license and passport numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, user names and even loyalty and frequent flyer accounts.
  • Patented Peer-to-Peer Network Monitoring: Continuously scans global networks to find member information, track the data to the source and work to remove the threat.
  • Junk Mail Removal: Removes names and personal information from frequently used marketing databases — a proven way to reduce risk of fraud and identity theft.

Health Data Protection

  • Medical Insurance Fraud Protection: Provides enhanced security against medical fraud by scanning for the exposure of insurance numbers, Medicaid and Medicare information.
  • Health and Medical Data Protection: Proactively searches for and remediates exposure of personal data associated with your health information, insurance, Medicaid and Medicare information and more

Financial Data Protection

  • Financial Data Protection: Continuously monitors all on-file credit and debit card numbers, bank account numbers and other personal financial information.
  • Lost Wallet Protection: Arranges for the cancellation and replacement of key personal identification documents, in the event a member’s wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

Online Child Safety

  • Child Identity Theft Protection: Continuously scans for children’s Social Security numbers and if fraudulent activity is detected, members are alerted and trained specialists immediately begin to investigate and resolve any issues.
  • Cyber Predator Detection and Notification: Continuously scans the Internet for exposed personal information that could be used by cyber predators to locate and connect with children online.
  • Cyberbullying Applications and Scanning: Easy-to-use applications identify suspected patterns of bullying behavior on children’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

I know what I am doing this weekend! I am going to get signed up for MetLife Defender using the free 30-day trial! I have a feeling the MetLife Defender service is going to become a family essential – much like Carbonite which has saved all my files more than once.

Start your free trial today!

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