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More Toys Recalled

Thomas The Tank EngineI can honestly say that I am glad my kids are out of the putting everything in their mouth stage, especially with all the toy recalls going on.  The main culprit in most of the recalls seems to be lead-based paint on both wood and plastic toys.

Karen at ThriftyMommy has been keeping a very close eye on all of the recalls:

If you are trying to figure out which toys are lead-free, Marcie at My Two Boys has compilied an ongoing list of Lead-Free toys.

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One Response to More Toys Recalled

  1. Bram Klein says:

    Your children don’t need to put toys in their mouth to ingest Lead. Just handling toys, jewelry or other items with Lead is enough. Lead is a heavy metal and stays on their fingers if their hands don’t get washed often. They can then touch food and pass it that way or put their fingers directly into their mouths.

    As the owner of a Lead screening service in California, I have found dozens of toys, jewelry and kid’s furniture with dangerous amounts of Lead on them. I just screened a school where the plastic in the chairs had high levels of Lead. Imagine kids eating at the tables, touching their chairs and then puttig their fingers on their food. Point being, the items do not need to go directly into the mouth for ingesting Lead. Feel free to contact me at for any questions.

    As for waiting for the recall list to be updated, my clients prefer to be more proactive in their children’s health. The majority of items we have found in our client’s homes have never been recalled, including a rubber duck that my 2 year old used to put directly in her mouth.