Must See TV – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Ok Parents!! If you have school aged kids turn on the TV tonight and watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – it will be a huge eye opener for you. I watched the one hour preview of the series and it totally confirmed why I gladly pack all three of my kids’ school lunches EVERYDAY. The food the kids are being served in school is crap. No other word for it.

The series starts tonight. British cook Jamie Oliver comes to Huntington, WV, also known as the most unhealthy city in the U.S., to plant the seeds of a food revolution. By going into the schools, Jamie hopes to change the culture of a city’s eating habits starting with the kids, but it may not be that easy. The grown ups in this town are so deeply set in their ways that Jamie is getting resistance at almost every turn.

What Jamie finds is kids eating pizza for breakfast at school, pouring bright pink strawberry flavored milk over their pre-sweetened cereal, eating faux mashed potatoes and super processed chicken nuggets for lunch, and a system that is so out of whack that the challenges ahead of him are enormous.

He also visits a family whose eating habits are just unfathomable (at least to me) – one where the deep fryer is used at every meal and the freezer is completely stocked with cheap frozen pizza.  He cooks up everything this family eats for a week all at once and sets it out on the table. It will truly make you ill looking at it. Luckily, the family seems willing to learn some new tricks and hopefully can change.

Check out the video preview below and then set your DVR for the show tonight!

What do you think of the show’s premise? Is the state of school food really this bad? I’d love to hear your take on it, too!

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  1. I live in West Virginia, about 25 minutes from Huntington. My children have gone through public schools here and I can speak clearly that the lunches they serve the kids are horrific. I have a child who is a vegetarian and she is unable to eat school lunches because nothing healthy is served for her to eat. They do have a salad bar but the items that are on this bar are far from fresh. Jamie Oliver has really started a revolution in this area, I thank God he came here and so many people have opened their eyes to healthy eating.

  2. I was squirming in my seat when the first graders couldn’t identify basic vegetables. We started a garden in our backyard when my daughter was 18 months old and it’s been fantastic for her to learn about how we get our FRESH food and she now loves to eat everything we grow because she can pick it fresh from the stem.

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