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Pet Owner Essential – Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

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Whistle Wearable Tech for Dogs

Man’s best friend. The family pet. Escape artist extraordinaire. 

Years ago we had a dog – one of the most lovable dogs ever – but he was a true escape artist. We lived on a 5 acre lot and had a HUGE fenced in run for our dogs to call their own. One day we arrived home to find Kodi gone. The kids were devastated, I was perplexed and all we could do is hope that he still had his collar on and that some one would call and let us know they had found him.

Had we had access to the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, we would have been able to log into the app on my phone and see exactly where Kodi was. We did get a call the next morning from a family who lived about 2 miles away that Kodi was curled up on a mattress in their garage enjoying pancakes!

That was the first of his many escapades! Every chance he got, he escaped, but with subsequent trips he ventured further away – 5 miles to be exact – over  a main road, through a creek and a good hike to the same house over and over. We got to be on a first name basis with the family that would call and let us know that Kodi was there for a visit – we even gave them a Christmas gift of dog bones as a thank you for always letting us know Kodi was there and safe.

While Kodi had a microchip implanted under his skin and wore a dog tag with our number on it, there was no way to see where he was or had gone until it really was too late.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker solves this problem! The GPS tracker attaches to your pet’s collar and connects to an app on your phone. Not only does it let you know if your dog leaves its “safe area” but it can act like a FitBit and tell you how active your pet has been and other health information. Again, where was this fabulous technology when I needed it??

This is what the device looks like. You simply attach the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker to your pet’s collar, connect to the app and you can get alerts when your pet leaves or returns to their safe area, set fitness goals and a variety of other data points.

Here is a look at the app screen – just imagine how much less stressful it would be to be able to see your pet’s location on screen rather than calling their name over and over!!

Wearable tech is not just for humans!! Protect your family’s pet using the latest Whistle. Visit the Whistle site for additional pricing and technical details. 

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

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