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Play Local for Summer Fun

Have you heard it yet? Those words synonymous with summer vacation… Mom, I’m Bored? Why not shake things up a little and take some local day trip or be a tourist in your own home town?

When my kids were younger, there were a few of us who all had kids the same age and we planned weekly field trips in the summer for the whole crew. We took turns deciding where to go which was good for getting some of us out of our comfort zone and trying something new. The kids all had fun and with a little planning, flexibility and a sense of humor, the Moms survived, too.

I recently wrote an article for Kellogg’s on Local Family Activities with tips on where to go and what to take so your day can be about making memories not managing meltdowns. I invite you to head over to and give it a read, then come back and leave us your best tips for summer fun with the kids!

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