Pretty Toes – Its a Girl Thing

When I was a teen I remember getting together with my friends to do our nails, but it usually meant painting our fingers and toes with a simple pink or red polish that we had bummed off Mom. If we wanted to get real fancy we would paint our nails alternating colors.

zebra striped toe nails polish

My 11 year old daughter and her friends have taken that whole girly activity to another level. When they get together and paint nails they go all out – coming up with intricate designs, using special nail art sets and changing out the designs every few days. Her collection of nail polish grew to the point where I had to get her a Caboodle for her birthday to hold it all.

I recently discovered Haircare Discounters – and found out that not only do they sell her favorite OPI nail polish for less than our local salons, they also have some of her favorite discontinued colors, too.  She spent hours on the site this afternoon checking out all the OPI polish colors, making her list, doing the math and eventually plunking down some cash on my desk and asking nicely if I would order her some. What she doesn’t know is that with every OPI Nail Polish purchase you get a Free Gift (Click Here for More Information). She will love the extra bonus.

The other day she went hunting all over the house for empty water bottles and soda bottles. She took all the lids up to her room and used the lip tops as practice palettes for her nail designs. I was so impressed by the creativity in what she painted.

As she remembers to photograph more of her designs, I will share them here, too.

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