Sharing Some of My Favorite Healthy Family Sites

I love discovering new sites, resources and ideas online. My bookmark folder is full of great resources so I thought I would share just a few of them with you…

Super Healthy Kids – I love all the photos and all the creative ways she has for introducing healthier ingredients into your kids’ diets.

OrgJunkie – Without Laura’s Menu Plan Monday, I would be a total mess. Menu planning is one skill that I have learned makes all the difference in our family’s diet, budget and it cuts down on the impulse trips to take out and fast food like you would not believe. Plus it’s easy – really.

Celiac Family – So, Heather really is my sister-in-law, but she has done such an amazing job of building a real community and resource site for families who eat gluten-free whether by choice or necessity. She is an amazing cook and all of her recipes are so good – you don’t even miss the wheat/gluten. – Jen Singer is one of the funniest yet most sane Mothers I know. Her humorous parenting books are gems and if you need a quick reality checkĀ  and a reminder that you really are a good parent – just visit her site.

ParentHacks – lots of great advice from parents with kids of all ages. This site has been around for a long time and there is always something useful!

Dr. Gwenn is In – Dr. Gwenn is a pediatrician who shares news on kids health from a doctor’s perspective.

Have a great week! If you have any favorites – please share them in the comments – I always like discovering new sites.

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