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She Woke Up With a Barky Cough – It Never Fails

We have set a mini-record in this house – with three kids we have managed to go about 6 weeks without anyone being sick. But today we are hosting my middle daughter’s birthday party at our house and like clockwork my youngest woke up barking like a dog this morning. It never fails.

She isn’t running a fever, but her voice is raspy and there some stridor in her breathing along with her barky cough. (get more info about kids coughs ) I have a feeling that before the morning is over we will take her in to the Urgent Care center just to make sure this isn’t strep in disguise or something (my kids are weird that way – their strep never presents itself with the normal symptoms).

The challenge is going to come this afternoon. How do I keep her away from the party? Its a gorgeous day and we are having the party outside but she isn’t going to want to miss out on any of the action. Stay tuned.

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