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Show Mother Nature We Care – Blog Action Day 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day What would happen if thousands of blogs wrote about a single issue all on the same day? Do you think our voices would be heard? On October 15, 2007 we will find out. Bloggers from around the globe will take the time to show Mother Nature that we do care and help to raise awareness and money about environmental issues.

Blog Action Day has already got over 12,000 blogs registered to participate giving the project the opportunity to reach more than 11,000,000 readers. That is amazing!!

Get involved – read posts made by the participants (this blog will be one of them), write about the issues on your site, or donate to an environmental cause. We all have to live on this planet and the greener we can make it, the healthier we will all be and longer Mother Earth and Mother Nature can exist.

A few resources to get you in the mood:

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