Sick Day Sanity Savers

What to do with kids when they are home sickMy daughter is home from school sick for the second day in a row. UGH. Today she is definitely feeling better, but she was still running a 100.6 fever last night so I am keeping her home again as a precaution. The problem is that today she has enough energy to want to do things, but I still want her to stay calm and low key to help her continue to get better. As a result, we have put the computer to good use today!

Here are some of my favorite places to find fun, educational, quiet time activities for sick days, rainy days, and mom I’m bored moments:

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  1. There is a book out there…I wish I could remember the title. It goes through why you get sick and why you feel bad. It also has really neat projects, like looking in your throat to see the post nasal drip and all that kind of “cool” gross stuff.

    Great for kids.

  2. Dana – that does sound cool. If you think of the title, let me know – I’d love to check it out.

  3. Oh dear – are you getting any work done? (Well, obviously you’ve managed this post …)

    Good list of things to do. I’ll have to bear it in mind for next time. (Daughter 2 is looking very pale and droopy, so it might be sooner rather than later).

  4. Lucy – thank goodness for laptops and little girls with imaginations. I am working from my laptop in the living room right now while my daughter is having a tea party with her dolls. She is good about letting me work as long as we are in the same room.

  5. My daughter was home sick today with the exact same temperature and energy level! I didn’t want the day to be too fun because she’s home sick, not on vacation, but we had to do something because she was beginning to feel better. Thanks for the list of great sites, and including mine on the list!

  6. Believer in Balance – there must be something going around. My daughter was not quite back to 100% today but she went to school anyway. She was fever free, but not back to normal.

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