Single Serve Soup Tip

Single Serve Soup Tip

During the school year one of my kids’ favorite snacks when we are rushing from school to sports practice – especially in the winter – is soup. Most of the time I just make up a batch of soup and put it into travel mugs or the disposable travel coffee cups, but when I find a good sale on the single serve versions from Campbell’s and the like, I usually pick them up for days when I am crunched on time.

Tip to keep Soup at Hand from tipping over in the microwaveAnyhow, the first time I put one of the Campbell’s Soup at Hand containers in the microwave it fell over during the one minute it was cooking and made a huge mess in the microwave. I suppose it had something to do with our turntable in the microwave but it was frustrating to say the least!! 

Fast forward to today. It is a rainy Saturday in July and it is just my youngest daughter and myself at home. She is snuggled up on the couch reading but its lunch time and I am in the mood for soup. She won’t want the soup I have, but I know she will eat the Campbell’s Chicken & Stars in the Soup at Hand container. This time I had a light bulb moment!!

Put the soup container in a small bowl that is not much bigger around than it is for extra stability. Brilliant! It worked. No spilled soup!! Yeah, me!


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