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Building Strong Bones For Kids and Parents

Guest post by Kerri Taylor

jumping Everyone knows that it is important to exercise because it helps to build strong muscles, increase flexibility, and improve heart health, but did you know that it can also strengthen your bones. As we age we become more susceptible to bone density problems like osteoporosis. Exercise can help to slow or even prevent bone density problems from occurring.

It is important that kids start at a young age building strong bones. The more children build strong bones early, the less likely they are to have bone issues as they age. Try to incorporate some of these simple exercises for building strong bones in your kids.

What type of exercise is best for keeping your bones healthy?

Load bearing exercises are the best for bone health. Load bearing exercise, is an exercise in which you move your body weight up and down against gravity. These include things like running, dancing, jumping rope, stair climbing, aerobics, walking uphill, and tennis. The exercises previously mentioned also elevate the heart rate making them great aerobic exercises as well. Elliptical machines are also a great way to practice load bearing exercise without the constant impact.

Another great way to build bone density is through strength training. There are some things to remember when you strength train with building bone density in mind. You should choose a weight that you can do seven to eight repetitions with. When you are able to do twelve repetitions, you should increase the weight. You should also be careful with the technique that you use. You should raise the weight for four counts and lower the weight for four counts without resting it on a machine or your body.

Remember to incorporate variety into your routine. You should try to choose activities that work as many different muscle groups at one time, as possible. The final thing to remember is to have fun. If your exercise routine is boring, you will be less likely to stick to it.

As with any exercise program, you should always check with your doctor or pediatrician before beginning anything new. This is especially true if you already suffer from bone density problems.

About the Author:
Kerri has made it a life goal to teach mothers and fathers how to raise their children in a healthy way. She feels childhood obesity can be overcome with education and action concerning health and fitness. For parents she suggests a new workout called Rev Abs Workout, or a workout called the Insanity Workout.

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