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Stuffed Cabbage aka Pigs in a Blanket Recipe

I love it when my husband sends me a text message mid-day saying he’s taking care of dinner that night! I am a firm believer that food made by someone else always tastes better than something I make myself (grin). Last week he decided to make one of his childhood favorite recipes – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls or as he calls them, Pigs in a Blanket.

Pigs in a Blanket or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

In the past I have fought with this recipe and have ended up resorting to a great Unstuffed Cabbage recipe instead. However, this time we made a few tweaks and ended up making them together and it was the best batch yet. We ended up making enough to do two large pans and put one of them in the freezer for another meal later.

Ingredients for Stuffed Cabbage:

  • 2 large heads of cabbage (the biggest ones you can find!)
  • 2-3 cups of uncooked minute rice
  • 2-3 lbs of ground meat (your choice – ground beef, turkey, sausage or a combination)
  • 1 sweet onion – chopped fine
  • 2-3 eggs
  • Perfect Pinch – Italian blend
  • Kielbasa (sliced thin)
  • Sauerkraut (optional – I like it, the kids don’t, so we left it out)
  • 2 cans of Tomato Sauce

How to make:

  • shaping the filling for stuffed cabbage Cut the core of the cabbage out and submerge the whole cabbage heads in boiling water until leaves are tender and start to pull away from the core. Remove from water and let leaves cool.
  • While the cabbage is cooking, mix the ground meat, uncooked rice, eggs, onion and seasoning together until well blended.
  • Depending on the size of the cabbage leaves, take about a golf ball size scoop of the meat mixture and wrap in a cabbage leaf. I fold one end over, then fold the sides in, and then roll the rest of the cabbage leaf so they make little packets.
  • Pour some of the tomato sauce in the bottom of your baking dish – just enough to cover the bottom. Then place the cabbage rolls in nice and tight against each other until the whole bottom is filled. If you use a deep dish, you can do multiple layers.
  • Cover the layer of cabbage rolls with the sliced kielbasa, sauerkraut (if you like it) and then tomato sauce so that all the “pigs” are covered. The cabbage rolls absorb a lot of liquid so be generous with the tomato sauce – you could use tomato juice, too.
  • Bake covered at 350 for about 2 hours.


These were by far our best batch ever! Since we were working on it together it didn’t take any extra effort to just make a second pan while we were at it. We used a disposable foil pan for the batch that we put in the freezer. The second batch will come in handy in a few weeks on a crazy sports practice night.

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2 Responses to Stuffed Cabbage aka Pigs in a Blanket Recipe

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  2. I totally love the way this looks- I Want to eat it now lol. SO HUNGRY! I am going to have to try this ASAP!